Join the jam!

Who can enter?

Anyone and everyone! We welcome participants from around the world at any game development skill level. You can work alone or in teams. Working on multiple projects is also allowed.

What is the theme?

The theme is Woman, Life, Freedom.

What can I make my game in?

You can upload a file that runs on Windows, Android, or browsers. The ideal can be played right in the browser in a few minutes alone. All game engines are allowed.

What assets can I use?

You may use some pre-existing code and can use whatever art and audio assets you have the legal right to use. We strongly recommend you only use assets you have the legal right to use (Public Domain, things you licensed/created, etc.). It is your responsibility if you don’t have the right to use something.

What will the games be judged on, and by who?

It’s not a contest, and no one will judge games. It’s an opportunity to express ourselves and support the Iranian people, especially women fighting for their freedom.

When does the jam start and end?

This jam officially starts on December 2 and will conclude on -December 4. All games must be submitted by your local time by the end of the day.

How do I submit a game?

Go to our page to submit your game.


Anything you make during this Game Jam is your property and responsibility. Organizers claim no rights, ownership, or responsibility of your game. Any game submitted to this Game Jam will be playable for the public and may appear in different videos without your permission.

Unacceptable‭ games ‬include:‭ ‬intimidating,‭ ‬harassing,‭ ‬abusive,‭ ‬discriminatory,‭ ‬derogatory‭, ‬or‭ ‬demeaning‭ ‬speech‭ ‬or‭ actions‭ ‬by‭ ‬any‭ ‬participant‭.

Harassment‭ ‬includes‭ ‬harmful‭ ‬or‭ ‬prejudicial‭ ‬verbal‭ ‬or‭ ‬written‭ ‬comments‭ ‬about‭ ‬gender,‭ ‬sexual‭ ‬orientation,‭ age, ‬ability,‭ ‬appearance, ethnicity,‭ national origin, ‬citizenship, socioeconomic‭ ‬status,‭ ‬or‭ ‬religion‭.