woman, life, freedom: the game jam logo. a girl cutting her hair with a scissor. it became symbole of protests in iran


Woman, Life, Freedom: The Game Jam! poster

Introduction article

After Mahsa Amini’s death on September 13, 2022, Iran is unlikely to be the same again. She was a 22-year-old girl killed by the morality police of the Iranian capital for allegedly breaking the Islamic Republic’s stringent dress code regulations. The incident reignites the wrath of people who were already fed up with a declining economy, widespread corruption, religious totalitarianism, and more, And so, a tsunami-like protest with a single yet inclusive motto has begun…” Woman, Life, Freedom”. Despite the government-sponsored raw violence in retaliation, people in Iran and from all around the world representing various ages, genders, socioeconomic levels, and geographic locations have been joining or supporting this movement. These protests have been the biggest threat to the Islamic Republic regime since it was founded in 1979 because of their length, geographic scope, the bravery of the protesters, and the unity of the opposition factions. Now, those who work in the game industry know very well that the best way for us to express our beliefs, opinions, feelings, and protests is through creating games and playing them. That is why we have decided to hold this game jam at this point; To support this vast movement against oppression and corruption and to echo the voice of the unheard within the video game community



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